perjantai 5. helmikuuta 2010


Sain Marilta ihanan ja aivan ensimmäisen blogitunnustukseni, kiitokset siitä hänelle. :) Minulta kyseinen tunnustus jatkaa matkaansa Sandralle.

I got this award from Mari - huge thanks to her - and I'm passing it on to Sandra. I love her fresh and colorful cards and lovely Etsy finds. I love to shop at Etsy too but it takes time to find all the lovely things! 

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  1. Awww! Thank you sooo much Serafila!! I'm so happy you love my Etsy Friday Finds and my blog! This makes me so happy! :D Isn't Etsy wonderful?! So many beautiful things for sale waiting for my purse to fill up with money so I can take them home! hehehe