maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010

TGF - Club Anya - Monday Mania with ME!!! *yayks*

I was so honored when Amy asked me to be the Monday Mania hostess for this week. And also scared what I'm going to do. My challenge is all about ribbons. You may use just one ore more or tie it into a lovely bow (I love bows!)

Here is my sample card and go to visit TGF - Club Anya blog to see some more inspirational cards. They are just amazing as always! Hope to see you taking part and can't wait for your cards!

Amyn pyydettyä minua tämän viikkoisen Monday Manian pitäjäksi päätin heti ryhtyä toimeen. Viikon aiheena on nauhat, joita voit käyttää mielesi mukaan joko yhden tai useamman tai sitoa sen kauniiksi rusetiksi.Yllä on oma mallikorttini ja TGF - Club Anya blogista loydät lisää ihania esimerkkejä!

leimasin/stamp: The Greeting Farm - Hope &Grace
väritetty/colored with: Copic Markers

4 kommenttia:

  1. Love your challenge and sample card Maire, I think ribbon is always such a beautiful touch! Thanks so much for hosting this week... your card is an inspiration! :)

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